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07th Apr 2023

Thousands raised for Dublin girl who lost all four of her limbs

Kat O'Connor

An incredibly brave girl.

Over €190,000 has been raised for an incredible Dublin girl who suffered a life-altering event when all four of her limbs were amputated.

12-year-old Sophie Lanigan has been praised by both her loved ones and the public for being so brave during such a harrowing time.

Sophie needed a quadruple amputation after she was rushed to the hospital in December 2022.

She was suffering from breathing issues and a high temperature, but her condition quickly deteriorated.

She was later diagnosed with sepsis caused by Strep A.

The young girl went into septic shock and her organs started to shut down. Doctors decided to transfer her to hospital in Crumlin.

The sepsis caused irreversible damage so amputation was necessary.

Over €190,000 has been raised for Sophie so far.

Her parents, Laura and Keith, have thanked the public for the waves of support.

“We would like to thank everyone for their generosity and kind words.

“We were a little nervous about getting Sophie’s story out there, but we have been blown away by the support we received from the public.”

Her parents continued, “It’s been a very difficult few months, but Sophie’s smile and positivity gets us through.”

You can support Sophie and her family here.

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