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07th Mar 2023

Kathryn Thomas reveals man with machete attacked her during filming

Clodagh McKeon

“This is where I am going to die”

Kathryn Thomas has opened up about a terrifying experience she had when filming No Frontiers.

Thomas currently hosts Operation Transformation but spent ten years hosting the popular holiday destination show, No Frontiers, filming in a total of 82 countries.

She appeared on the Six O’Clock Show recently and spoke about a frightening encounter when filming in Papua New Guinea.

Herself and the crew were in an area that they weren’t supposed to be in when a man holding a machete approached them.

Kathryn revealed that this man had eaten hallucinogenic nuts so she really did think she was going to die there and then.

She said: “I was producing the show at the time.

“We wanted to go somewhere that people hadn’t travelled and that hadn’t been explored.

“There are 800 different tribes in Papua New Guinea. And there are only two roads around the main island so you can’t navigate around it easily.

“We had gone there for a couple of days up the river with the whole team of people to find the deserted gold mine.

“He comes out of the trees essentially and all of the crew had crossed a river to take a shot of me from the other side.

“I’m on my own and I just hear this scream and I look around and there’s this guy with a spear and a machete.

“He’s literally coming at me and in that moment I just went ‘this is where I am going to die.'”

Kathryn said she froze on the spot: “I still question myself about the reaction I had but I was literally frozen with fear.

“Eventually we had to give him all our money and watches and all our water.

Thomas joked that none of it made the television programme strangely enough.

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