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17th Apr 2022

Lynsey Bennett undergoing “intense” treatment in Germany

Tara Trevaskis Hoskin

Good news.

Lynsey Bennett is “over the moon” as she sees positive results from cancer treatment in Germany. 

Lynsey was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago this year, following the cervical check scandal. 

The mother of two travelled to Germany earlier this week to undergo ‘intense’ treatment over a period of 5 days.

She opened up about the treatment she’s currently undergoing in a recent Instagram post.

“I have always said I work better with natural things and sure enough my sensitivity test came back with 12 natural compounds 10 of which were mostly in the 70% and 80% ranges of being sensitive to help me.

“Anything over 60% would be amazing to try so seeing 75 and 85 was a dream,” she wrote.

On day three she was undergoing a treatment called ‘full-body hyperthermia’ that she must remain in for two hours.

She says her holistic approach has yielded some positive results, last month test results from Germany showed her tumour markers were at a “normal range for a healthy person”. 

For many holistic treatments, Lynsey must travel abroad as they are not yet approved in Ireland.

Previously she travelled to Mexico to undergo alternative treatments that are not accessible in Ireland. 

She revealed in her Instagram post that she had asked her own healthcare team in Ireland to help administer these treatments but they are not insured to do so. 

“’We can only infuse approved chemotherapies here due to Hospital insurance. We do not have the ability to infuse vitamins, supplements, or other complementary cancer therapies’.

“And I respect their hands are tied, but who’s aren’t? This is what I need to find out?” she said. 

Lynsey is now advocating for the Government to seriously consider how this treatment has helped her and how it could help other cancer patients.  

“Would Ireland leaders care? Have I proven enough the past 17months, that this line of alternative treatment works for me?”