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13th Jun 2022

Mum and grandmother charged after girl dies from severe lice infestation

Kat O'Connor

A mother and grandmother have been charged with the death of a 9-year-old girl.

The young girl died from a severe lice infestation that was never treated.

Both her mother and grandmother have been charged with first-degree murder.

According to reports, paramedics found the young girl covered in lice at her home in Arizona.

“Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that there was an enormous amount of lice in her hair.”

The young girl died from symptoms associated with lice infestation.

Her siblings were also suffering from severe lice infestation, but have been placed in the custody of other family members.

Sandra Kraykovich (38) and Elizabeth Kraykovich (64) claimed the girl had anaemia.

They said she had been sick since March, but decided against calling for help.

Her mum Sandra said the young girl was suffering from headaches, difficulty breathing, fever, and trouble keeping balance.

Experts believe if the young girl had received the right care she would still be alive today.

An autopsy confirmed the girl died from anemia connected to an infection from a severe lice infestation.

She was also malnourished at the time of her death.

Both the mother and grandmother knew they needed to bring the girl to the hospital, but failed to do so.

The mum tried to treat the infestation with mouthwash.

It is believed she texted her partner about her daughter’s condition.

According to reports she said, “OMG babe. Listen I’m in my room and my mom called me. [Redacted] was asking if I could check on her to make sure she isn’t dying.”

Her partner told her to bring the child to the hospital, but the mum refused to.

Both the mother and grandmother were arrested in March.