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27th Mar 2023

Three children and three adults killed in Nashville school shooting

Kat O'Connor

Three children have died.

Three children and three adults have died following a school shooting in Nashville, Tennesee.

A woman reportedly opened fire at the school shortly after 10 am.

Emergency services rushed to Covenant School at 33 Burton Hills Blvd in Nashville.

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department also arrived at the scene shortly after alarms were raised.

The three adults killed are believed to be staff at the private Christian school.

Police have not yet identified the shooter, but do know she was a woman in her 20s, CNN reports.

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department issued a statement following the devastating shooting:

“The shooting happened at 10.13 am. The shooting didn’t happen in a classroom.

“Officers went to the gunfire. When they got to the second floor and saw the shooter, a female. There was a five-member unit that was on the second floor at the time.

“We know at this point that this shooter is a female and appears to be in her teens. Her identification isn’t confirmed.

“She had two assault rifles and a handgun. She entered the school through a side entrance and went from the first school to the second floor. By 10:27 am, the shooter was dead.”

All six victims were transported to the hospital but were then pronounced dead.

Feature Image: Metropolitan Nashville Police Department