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06th Oct 2022

“Ireland belongs to the Irish”: Woman confronts Princess Kate during Belfast visit

Kat O'Connor

Princess Kate joined husband Prince William in Northern Ireland.

The Prince and Princess of Wales visited Northern Ireland for the first time since Queen Elizabeth’s death today.

The royals were mostly welcomed by the public during their brief trip, but one woman confronted Kate Middleton this afternoon.

During a walkabout, the mum-of-three was greeting members of the public. Kate reached out to shake one woman’s hand and as she shook her hand the woman said to her, “Nice to meet you but it would be better if you were in your own country”.

According to Metro, the woman then told Kate, “Ireland belongs to the Irish”.

The Princess of Wales reportedly laughed off the encounter and walked away from the woman. She continued to greet members of the public in Carrickfergus, Belfast this afternoon.

During their visit to Belfast, the Prince and Princess of Wales met the staff at Carrick Connect.

The royals praised the team for supporting youths in the area.

“The volunteers and team behind Carrick Connect certainly give their ‘Feel Good Hub’ its name – supporting children and young people in the community with social or emotional difficulties.”

They added, “Keep up the amazing work!”

This visit marked Kate and William’s first trip to Northern Ireland as the Prince and Princess of Wales.