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12th Aug 2023

‘Scam alert’ – Rosanna Davison issues warning to parents after being targeted by scammers

Kat O'Connor

Rosanna Davison has issued a warning to parents after she was targeted by scammers.

Mum-of-three Rosanna Davison urged parents to be wary of the ‘hi mum/dad’ text scam that has been circulating for the past few months.

She explained that she received a scam message, but knew instantly it was fake because her children are only aged 2 and 3.

She told her followers, “Scam alert! I was also sent this same text a few weeks ago.”

The message read: ‘Hi Mum. I broke my phone. Can you text my new number 089******* I’m texting a friend’s phone. ASAP.’

Rosanna continued, “I’d be pretty impressed if my 2 year olds/3-year-old were able to text me.”

The model said it is so important to be aware of messages like this especially if you have older children. It is so easy to fall for them, especially during this time of year when many older children will be away from home.

“Just an FYI if you also get it or similar. Don’t fall for it!” she warned.

Earlier this summer, Bank of Ireland warned customers about the scam.

Scammers are pretending to be a person’s child by sending ‘Hi Mum/Dad’ messages. They claim they’re using a different phone after losing theirs.

They then ask the parent for money and request their card and bank details.

The increase in these scam messages may be because of the number of people on holiday. Parents will understandably fall for scam texts like this if their children are travelling.