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16th Jun 2022

4-year-old girl dies after being left on school bus in extreme heat

Kat O'Connor

She was left on a school bus for over 7 hours.

A 4-year-old girl has sadly passed away in Hungary after she was left alone on a school bus.

Temperatures reached highs of 50 degrees when the young girl was on the bus.

It is believed the 4-year-old was left on the bus for 7 hours.

According to reports, the girl was picked up from her parent’s house to be taken to the nursery.

However, when they arrived at the nursery in the Hungarian village, the driver forgot about the girl.

The bus arrived at the nursery in Tomajmonostora at 8.30 in the morning.

However, the girl was not discovered until 3.30 pm that afternoon.

The girl, who has been named as Flora Inez, called for help but nobody heard her.

Emergency services found the girl, but she was unconscious.

They rushed her to the hospital in critical condition.

The Hungarian National Ambulance Service spoke out about the harrowing moment they found her.

“Medics transported a four-year-old girl in a life-threatening condition to the hospital by helicopter.”

She was treated for heatstroke when she arrived at the hospital.

However, she was moved to ICU. Reports say her injuries were life-threatening when she arrived at the hospital.

Doctors did everything they could to treat Flora, but her injuries were too severe.

She passed away in the ICU after three days.

The 56-year-old bus driver is currently being treated for a nervous breakdown in psychological facility.

We’re keeping the girl’s family in our thoughts during this harrowing time.

Feature Image: Newsflash