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15th Mar 2023

Gardaí find 40 stolen bottles of cough syrup and 32 bottles of Calpol in car

Kat O'Connor

The stolen medicine was worth almost €900.

Gardaí in Naas seized 40 stolen bottles of cough syrup, as well as 32 bottles of Calpol.

They discovered the stolen medicine after a car made an illegal turn in Kill.

The goods were worth €880.

Gardaí stated;

“Naas RPU was on patrol in Kill when they saw this car making an illegal turn.

“The car was stopped & stolen goods to the value of €880 were found. Furthermore, one of the passengers in the car was the subject of 4 Bench Warrants & 2 Committal Warrants and was arrested.”

Earlier this year, Irish pharmacies reported a shortage of medications like Calpol.

Parents are still struggling to find the medicine to ease their children’s symptoms because of the spike in cases.

Speaking to the Irish Daily Mail, pharmacist Kathy Maher said;

“Because of the sharp increase in respiratory illness that we saw in the weeks up to Christmas, we know this will continue for the next four to six weeks.”

She explained, “We are seeing so many over-the-counter medicines such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, and the majority of cough bottles – particularly for dry coughs – we can’t get.”

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