'Not likely' schools in areas affected the worst by Storm Emma will reopen Monday 2 years ago

'Not likely' schools in areas affected the worst by Storm Emma will reopen Monday

The government have said that it is "not likely" schools in the areas hit hardest by Storm Emma will reopen on Monday.

The update, issued after the latest news from the National Emergency Coordination Group, said that tomorrow will "not be a normal Monday" in many areas.

A series of tweets posted to the MerrionStreet.ie twitter account said that while things are returning to normal after Storm Emma, it will take a bit longer in some areas than others.

In parts of the country where the snow has been cleared, checks are being made at schools and with bus operators to see how possible it would be to reopen tomorrow.

These checks are being done on a "case by case" basis and the results would be passed on to parents locally.

They added that it was "not likely" schools in some of the areas worst hit by Storm Emma - including "Wexford, West Wicklow and North Kildare" - will reopen tomorrow.

Adding that it will not be a "normal" Monday, they encouraged people to take public transport when possible.

The series of tweets read:

"While the NECG continues to coordinate efforts to get the country back to normality, tomorrow will not be a normal Monday in many areas

"Schools in areas where it is feasible have been checking their premises today and linking with school bus operators in order to make decision about opening tomorrow.

"This is being done on a case by case basis and decisions will be communicated to parents locally.

"From reports received, it is not likely that schools will open tomorrow in the areas worst affected, such as Wexford, West Wicklow and North Kildare.

"The normal Monday commute will be very different also. Where possible, we are asking people to use public transport."