Parents furious over shopping centre's 'unsafe' children's play centre 5 years ago

Parents furious over shopping centre's 'unsafe' children's play centre

Many parents said it was unsafe.

A shopping centre has come under fire after it shared a photo of its "improved" children's play centre.

The newly revamped area in Chatswood Chase in Sydney, Australia, includes a TV screen, iPads and play equipment as well as a "new safety fence".

Several parents have taken to the comments underneath a new photo of the play centre to voice their concerns about the technology components of the enclosure.

A number of people called on the shopping centre to remove the iPads, citing "safety concerns".

One mum wrote:

"It would be great if more free play equipment is there vs I pads."

Another added:

"Less technology would be better. Small soft climbing equipment would be better."


A different parent said:

"At the moment the space is very sterile with a limited variety of activities.

"Think back to when you were a kid and the activities you wanted to play when mom and dad were out shopping.

"Recipe for tantrums right there unless the child is technologically inclined..."

Someone else commented:

"Would be even better if you ditched the iPads and just put more play equipment in there.

"I’ve seen too many little kids fall and smack their heads on the hard ground or the edge of that wooden frame where the iPads are.

"We’re only worried about safety.”