Santa Facetimes Monaghan 3-year-old who won't eat his dinner 7 years ago

Santa Facetimes Monaghan 3-year-old who won't eat his dinner

"Santa is watching..." how many times do you utter these three little words in the run-up to Christmas? I feel like I should just have a repeat recorded button in our house, not that it exactly works, mind you...

I think they all know deep-down they won't be getting a sack of coal on Christmas morning, but I remember being genuinely terrified at the thoughts of Santa not visiting our house – eating every morsel of our dinner was high up there on whether we would end up on Santa's naughty or nice list.

This adorable little three-year-old from Monaghan forgot himself very briefly this weekend – despite his mum's best efforts he just wasn't having any of his dinner.

So, his mum, Angela Gartlan, wrote to us and explained:

"I'm always having trouble getting him to eat his dinner. So when he wouldn't eat his dinner that day I told him I was going to ring santy to tell him."

What she did next was pure genius. "He didn't believe me and said I didn't have his number so she managed to get a hold of Santa on Facetime and snap this priceless photo.


Santa Facetime

The expression on the little man's face just says it all. And according to mum, the best part of all was he "cleaned his plate."

And every plate for the next 19 days, we imagine!

Thanks to Angela Gartlan for sending this our way.