Pregnant women are being refused the Covid vaccine despite guidelines change 1 month ago

Pregnant women are being refused the Covid vaccine despite guidelines change

The HSE said it is yet to "operationalise" the guideline change.

Some women in the early stages of pregnancy have been refused the Covid-19 vaccine despite last week's Government announcement that it would be available at any stage.

The vaccine was previously only advised for pregnant women between 14-36 weeks, but a recommendation from NIAC last week allowed for pregnant women of all stages to avail of it.

However, a number of pregnant women who attended walk-in vaccination centres in over the past week were refused the jab as they had not yet reached 14 weeks’ gestation, according to The Irish Times.

Dr Vicky O’Dwyer, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at the Rotunda hospital in Dublin, said it was a "mixed experience."

"Some got it, some didn’t," she said.


The HSE helpline reportedly told women that the change in guidelines has yet to be operationalised and it was therefore not accepting pregnant people outside of the 14-36 week period for vaccination.

Under NIAC's latest advice, those who are expecting should be able to decide whether or not they want to take the vaccine at any stage of pregnancy following "an individual benefit-risk discussion with their obstetric care-giver."

Dr Cliona Murphy, chairwoman of the Institute of Obstetricians, said there was "always a bit of a lag" between recommendations coming from NIAC and the HSE's operationalisation.

The HSE said on Monday that it would be able to offer the vaccine to those at any stage of pregnancy by the end of this week.