Primary school child's answer 'who is the president of Ireland' will warm your heart 1 year ago

Primary school child's answer 'who is the president of Ireland' will warm your heart

It can be confusing, at times, to be a kid.

When you're younger, you've got a tendency to take things more literally - which means that a lot of what adults say doesn't quite seem to make sense.

Or, at least, you misinterpret it.

One primary school student in Ireland recently found this out the hard way, when they were asked 'Who is the President of Ireland?'.

And while they're not technically wrong, we can't help but chuckle one their response.

Twitter user @hellolucy shared a photo of the child's answer on Twitter, where it understandably soon went viral.

She wrote:

"Lads I'm f**king howling my neighbour is a primary school teacher and just put this on his insta story.... miggeldy higens."

The original post wracked up more than 2,800 likes and 900 comments in less than 24 hours.

She continued:

"For anybody that isn't Irish and doesn't know, our President's name is Michael D. Higgins. Now known as Miggeldy Higens. I don't make the rules.

"Aw stop I actually love kids they're so funny."

Other people were soon sharing their own stories of names they misheard and misinterpreted when they were smaller.

One person wrote:

"From this day forward he will only be to me."

Someone else added:

"My mother had a friend called Flogill Martin. Or so we thought, until we were adults and found out she was Flo Gilmartin."

Another commented:

"Ah this is fantastic. At my daughters Primary School there is a wonderful teaching assistant called Ms de Mooij (pronounced Ms Dee Moy)... for years my daughter insisted she was called Misty Moy."