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16th Jun 2023

Prince William and Princess Kate struggling to live in ‘cramped’ Windsor mansion

The Prince and Princess of Wales are reportedly struggling with living in Adelaide Cottage.

Living in a fancy, free royal mansion sounds like a dream to me, but William and Kate aren’t too pleased about it.

The royal couple moved from Kensington Palace to Adelaide Cottage before Queen Elizabeth’s death. They wanted to be closer to her, especially Prince William as he takes on an even more senior role in the monarchy.

However, the couple and their three children believe the property is “too small”.

According to reports, the Prince and Princess of Wales are already planning on moving and they’ve got their eyes on Andrew’s Royal Lodge.

A source told The Mirror, “William and Kate love the cottage but it’s just too small for them.

“There are four bedrooms which just about fit them all in.

“But there are other things that need to be considered. Staff and other elements need to be factored in.”

Princess Kate and Prince William may struggle to move because of King Charles’s plan to downsize.

“They were looking for a larger home but have now resigned themselves to the fact that they will be stuck in the cottage due to other properties not opening up for them,” a source added.

Prince Andrew also put a spanner in the works and is refusing to leave the property.

If only we had the option to move from royal mansion to royal mansion.


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