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21st Apr 2017

The Queen turns 91 today (and here’s how she’ll be celebrating…)

Orlaith Condon

It’s a big happy birthday to Queen Elizabeth, who is today celebrating the first of her two birthdays.

Yes, Her Majesty turns 91 today and the well wishes have been flooding in all morning for the longest reigning British monarch.

The Queen was born on April 21 in 1926, and will likely spend today celebrating privately with her family and (maybe) indulging in her favourite sweet treat.

However, this isn’t the only time this year that the Queen will be marking the occasion.

She will ‘officially’ celebrate her birthday on June 17, and the reason why goes all the way back to 1748.

We can all relate to the terrible British weather here in Ireland, and it looks like that was enough of a reason to prevent King George II celebrating his birthday during the cold November month in which he was born.

Opting for a spring ceremony instead, it was decided that monarchs from then on would celebrate their birthdays with a military parade known as Trooping the Colour during the warmer months.

Now, while there may not be any parade for the Queen today, it is the day she celebrates the anniversary of her birth, and that definitely deserves a cake at least.

Last June, London was a buzz for Her Majesty’s 90th birthday celebrations and no doubt we can expect more pomp and ceremony again later this year.