Woman lashes out at mum after her 9-year-old son revealed truth about Santa 8 months ago

Woman lashes out at mum after her 9-year-old son revealed truth about Santa

"The sooner a child learns the truth the better"

Telling your child the truth about Santa is never a fun time.

It's a horrible conversation that often ends in tears. A lot of kids figure it out by themselves or an older sibling will burst the bubble. However, one mum found herself in quite an awkward situation when her own son told his classmates Santa wasn't real.

And one of the children's mums was not impressed.

"Our kids are 9 and at school they have had a discussion amongst a few of them about whether Santa is real," the mum explained.

"I've had a very shirty message from a parent, which appears to single out my child having spilled the beans."

The woman accused her son of spoiling "the magic of Christmas' for their child".

The mum explained that the boy's family has been trying to reassure him and his siblings that Santa is real.


They have also told the mum to stop her son from discussing it at school.

"My child found out about Santa from their older sibling and wasn't too bothered by it. I've said before that they should not talk about it with their friends."

"When I asked them about this conversation, my child was absolutely gutted to have caused upset to others," she shared.

"I don't want to fall out with them, but I'm stunned they've approached me with this," she admitted.

One mum suggested, "I personally would apologise on my child’s behalf, Santa is such a sensitive area with parents trying to keep the magic going when there are younger siblings, unfortunately your child was the bearer of such news."

However, another mum disagreed, "The sooner a child learns the truth, the better in my opinion. There’s nothing “magic” about being lied to."

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