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12th Apr 2023

Saoirse Ruane’s mum gives update after doctors find tumour

Saoirse Ruane’s mum has issued an update after her daughter’s doctors found another tumour.

At the beginning of the week, Saoirse Ruane’s mum Roseanna confirmed doctors found a recurrent tumour after Saoirse’s review.

Saoirse Ruane and her family attended hospital yesterday for another scan.

Saoirse’s mum wrote on Instagram, “A different hospital. A different territory. A different scan. All so traumatic on our gorgeous girl.

“My heart breaks to see her go through these investigations,” her mum wrote.

Saoirse’s mum confirmed her father Ollie was allowed to stay with Saoirse, but she waited in the hospital’s chapel.

She said she was praying to God and anyone who is listening “up there”.

“Please hear our plea,” the heartbroken mum wrote.

Her mum also extended her thanks to the public who have been supporting them during this harrowing time.

“We are so grateful for every prayer, thought, candle, message, and love! We have a nation behind us and for that, we feel incredibly lucky.

Her mum also praised Saoirse for being so brave during such a distressing time.

Saoirse Ruane

“Saoirse was so brave today and is now happy to be home again in our safe place.

“When she started this journey she was only 7. Her second diagnosis came at the age of 10 and now her third at the young age of 11.

“It’s unimaginable. I’ve never ever seen such resilience in anyone before and we couldn’t be prouder,” her mum added.

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