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15th Dec 2017

Six children have died in a school bus collision in France

"All my thoughts for the victims of this terrible accident..."

Denise Curtin

Six children are now confirmed dead after a horrific crash involving a school bus and a train last night.

The incident which occurred in Milas, France, occurred when a train travelling at 60mph crashed into a bus crossing it’s path.

Four teens were confirmed dead last night but now another two children aged 11-years-old have tragically passed away due to their injuries. Another 18 children are said to be injured however, they are in stable conditions.

Officials have described it as one of the worst accidents involving a school bus in France for 30 years.

Investigators are currently at the scene of the crash trying to determine the cause of the fatal accident. They are now looking into whether human error or a technical fault was to blame and are examining the automatic barriers at the crossing.

The crash also occurred the train to derail off the tracks however none of the 25 passengers onboard were injured.

President Emmanuel Macron said: “All my thoughts for the victims of this terrible accident involving a school bus, as well as their families. The state is fully mobilised to help them.”