The sweet bedtime ritual Prince Charles treats his grandchildren to has been revealed 2 months ago

The sweet bedtime ritual Prince Charles treats his grandchildren to has been revealed

Just a regular granddad.

As first in line to the British throne, Prince Charles naturally has a lot of royal duties and responsibilities up and down the country – and abroad too.

However, behind closed doors, the Prince of Wales is just like any other grandparent.

Recently, it was revealed that over the past few years, the 73-year-old loves to read bedtime stories to his grandchildren and step grandchildren.

And his books of choice? Harry Potter!

During a royal engagement a couple of years ago, the Duchess of Cornwall revealed that the future king was 'brilliant' when it came to serenading her grandkids with bedtime stories.

"Sometimes, when we are with my husband in Scotland, he reads them Harry Potter," she revealed.

"And he does all the voices, because he is a brilliant mimic. I'm not very good. I try to do the voices, but acting isn't my forte. But he sits down and they all sit with him."

She added:


"I always think they are going to be wriggling around in the bed, but they sit spellbound. He's extremely good with children. They love it."

The Duchess of Cornwall's comments are referring to her own biological grandkids through her children from her first marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles. The eldest of Camilla's grandkids, Lola, is the daughter of Camilla's son, Tom Parker Bowles and his wife Sara.

Then there is Eliza who is the daughter of Camilla's daughter Laura Lopes. Eliza's younger brothers, Louis and Gus, were both born in 2009 as twins. The youngest grandchild is Freddy Parker Bowles, Lola's younger brother. He is the youngest of Camilla's five biological grandchildren.

In a new interview published to mark the Duchess' 75th birthday, Camilla reveals that Charles has continued his bedtime reading tradition.

Writer Rebecca English reminded Camilla that 'she once told her that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis would snuggle with their grandfather and read Harry Potter together.'

When asked if the tradition still happens today, Camilla replied: "Well, his grandchildren aren't [too old] and he's very good because he does all these voices for them. He loves Babar the Elephant. They are such lovely books. I think all ages love them, even grown-ups."

The Duchess speaks about the close bond she has with both her own family and grandchildren, as well as her husband's.

"We’re a tight-knit bunch – family is incredibly important. I couldn’t do without mine."

She is also a very no-nonsense granny – especially in regards to tech and teaching kids about living off their screens too.

"Families don’t sit down any longer, do they, and have dinner," she says.

"Because I am ancient, in the old days we all sat down [to eat]. Now everyone is on their devices. People take those flipping phones [with them to the table]! You have to take them away from them."

As for how her grandkids see her, she reveals:

"I’m not sure if they [her grandchildren] think I’m cool at 75. But we do have a very close relationship and they keep me in touch with the world of youth - and TikTok!"