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04th Dec 2015

These new parenting emojis are ALL sorts of amazing

Trine Jensen-Burke

As parents, let’s all agree there are days where there really are no words (like; NO words) to describe what we are going through (nappy explosions, leaky boobs, tantrums that bring the house down).

And when words don’t do your life justice, what have we got left to communicate with? That’s right; emojis. And now, thankfully, you won’t have to rely on the oh-so-over-used and ever-so-limited (like where is my avocado emoji, Apple?!) set that your phone comes kitted out with already.

Recently, a whole new custom emoji keyboard for mum and dads were launched, created especially to help fully express a massive nappy blowout, or better communicate a toddler’s public meltdown, or tell the world how much you could do with a glass of wine right about now.


The “Momoji” keyboard (free to download for both iPhones and Android phones) covers all the bases you have been seriously missing.

Like; you’ve got a handful of different poop emojis (because we all know that tackling a newborn’s smelly nappy requires an icon far grosser than the standard googly-eyed brown one.). And you can also alert the world (and potential visitors) to the current mood of your little darlings, from delighted and happy, to sassy (bold) to downright devilish (super-bold).

Somehow, we think this one will come in handy…


We are also feeling hopeful about a world where you no longer have to write out shopping lists, but can just text your other half a selections of emojis when he hits up the local Tesco or Aldi. (we are currently LOVING the corkscrew one to remind him not to forget the wine!) *runs off to download….

What emojis are YOU missing that you think would be handy ones to have? Join in the emoji debate with us on Twitter at @Herfamilydotie