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15th Mar 2024

Mum urges people to stop parking in parent and child car spaces

Kat O'Connor

The mum has sparked quite a heated a debate

Trying to find a car space when you head out for the food shop can feel like mission impossible at the best of times.

There are designated spaces for parents and their children, but they’re often taken by people who don’t need them.

We’ve often spotted people parking in these spots without a child in sight and it can be pretty frustrating.

One mum has urged the public to stop using the designated spots because it can cause so many issues for parents.

She wrote on Facebook:

“Can you only park in parent and child spaces if you actually have a child with you? Highly doubt the same ignorant people would park in a disabled space, but don’t see why people think it’s perfectly acceptable to do so without even pretending to have a child?

“I couldn’t park in one today with my newborn son which wasn’t the end of the world, but the whole purpose is to be able to open the door wide enough to get a baby or child out of the car seat.

She added, “A small change of personal laziness that would make a huge difference to the parents/grandparents.”

Her remarks sparked quite a tense debate in the comments, but most parents agreed that she was completely right for raising the issue.

“There’s a lack of respect or consideration for other people. It’s a shame to see it,” one wrote.

Another said, “Good job there are always plenty of spaces at the other end of the carpark! A little walk never hurt anybody.”

“I understand the need for wanting more space to get the kids in and out especially if trying to put them in a car seat.”

What do you think? Do you agree with this mum?