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21st Nov 2022

Ryan Tubridy hints at this year’s Toy Show theme

Kat O'Connor

The Late Late Toy Show takes place on Friday, November 25th this year.

Ryan Tubridy has hinted at this year’s Toy Show theme ahead of Friday’s special show.

The broadcaster said this year’s show will be a little different because they want to focus more on the true meaning of the Toy Show.

He told The Irish Examiner;

“Sometimes the Toy Show can get lost in the theme, and forget that it’s Christmas, so we’ve been bringing it all back home a little bit more this year.”

Tubridy added that he wants the show to feel more festive this year.

He explained that during the summer, the Toy Show team sits down to discuss their vision for the programme.

They felt a change was needed because of “where the country is at”.

“It is a closely guarded secret, but what I will say is that during the summer, we generally like to try and take a sense of where the country is at, or where it might be at come November or December.

“This year we felt that people might be in a little bit of bother with bills and expenses and expectations in that regard.”

He said the state of the country has heavily influenced this year’s show.

“A lot of the show this year is going to be about home and it’s going to be about Christmas proper.”

The Late Late Toy Show airs on RTÉ1 at 9.35 pm on November 25th.