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28th Oct 2023

Woman (104) says the secret to a long life is ‘a Guinness a day and don’t marry’

Kat O'Connor

A 104-year-old woman has shared the secret to living a long life.

A woman in England has revealed the secret to living a long life and it sounds pretty great to me.

Kathleen Hemmings, who’s a resident at Care UK’s Sandfields, celebrated her big 104th with family, friends, and team members.

Born on October 2nd, 1919, Kathleen grew up in Brixton where she later worked as an accountant.

She spent her evenings dancing in Covent Garden and attending the Royal Opera House to watch her favourite ballets and operas.

Kathleen spent WW2 in the capital before deciding she wanted a taste of country life and left the big smoke for the Cotswolds in 1965 before moving again to Cheltenham with her mum, her brother, and her dachshund, Rusty.

But just what is the secret to such a long and well-lived life?

Well, Kathleen has broken it down into just five wonderful words: “Drink Guinness, and don’t marry!”

The staff at Sandfields decided to throw a huge birthday bash for Kathleen complete with a big birthday cake and Guinness by the bucketload.

Dorothy Pye, Home Manager at Sandfields, said: “Here at Sandfields, we love to throw a party for special milestones – and Kathleen’s birthday certainly called for a celebration!

“It was wonderful to see Kathleen surrounded by all her loved ones to mark such an incredible milestone.”

The team also praised everyone who celebrated Kathleen’s special day.

“The team worked tirelessly to make sure her day was one to remember, and we would like to thank everyone who came along to raise a glass of Guinness to Kathleen!”