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20th Feb 2022

Turns out, the Duchess of Cornwall had a rather harsh nickname for Meghan

Frosty feelings?

It has been two years since Harry and Meghan packed up their dogs, kid and stuff and relocated across the Atlantic, declaring that they were ‘stepping down’ as senior royals.

And ever since, things seem to have gone from bad to worse when it comes to the relations between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family back in the UK.

The Sussexes withdrawal was followed by a number of negative comments about their experience being in the Royal Family, including a lack of support and racial treatment in the media.

And according to royal biographer, Tom Bower, when Meghan and Harry began to criticise the Royal Family in the press, it was Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, who ‘provided the comfort and good advice’ to reassure Prince Charles that had done the best he could as a dad.

Bower also claimed that the Duchess of Cornwall also invented a rather harsh nickname for Meghan after the Sussexes departure from the royal family.

The royal biographer claims that Camilla would often refer to Meghan as “that minx” – the name given to someone who is highly flirtatious, cunning and in all, can’t be trusted – after growing increasingly frustrated with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s public criticisms of the royal family.

According to Bower, the Duchess of Cornwall was particularly sceptical of Meghan’s commitment to her royal duties after enjoying a life of relative freedom in the US.

“She found it hard to believe that Meghan would sacrifice her career and independence to serve silently as a team player devoted to the monarchy,” Bower told the Sun.

The royal insider also claims that it was also during this period of ‘endless, tortured and inconclusive conversations’ that the 74-year-old started to refer to the daughter-in-law as ‘that minx’. And while Camilla would typically remain fairly ‘tight-lipped’ when discussing Meghan, she couldn’t help but use the questionable term from time to time.

And even though it is coming up on the two-year anniversary since the Sussexes departure for California, where they are now pursuing a variety of business ventures and projects, it seems relations with Harry’s family back in the UK is still strained.

Recently, Harry claimed he is not able to bring his young family back to his home country for a visit, as he feels they would not be safe due to the fact that he no longer gets police protection as he is no longer a working royal.

This comes after his father, brother or grandmother is yet to meet his youngest child, nine-month-old Lilibet, who was born in California last June.