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21st Dec 2015

Twins BOTH born with front teeth, breastfeed anyway

Katie Mythen-Lynch

A pair of newborn baby girls beat odds of one in up to 3,500 to be born with a pair of front teeth each. 

Doctors in Davangere, Karnataka in India, where the babies arrived at 32 weeks, were stunned to find that both non-identical twins had two fully formed bottom teeth.


According to a case study in the journal BMJ case reports, the teeth, known as ‘natal’ teeth because they were present at birth, were hard and yellow.

While natal teeth can lead to complications (including ulceration, laceration of the mother’s breasts and aspiration of the teeth) doctors said the twins’ teeth were not interfering with their health and decided no treatment was necessary.


Despite the anomaly, the twins’ mother insists she experienced no pain breastfeeding her babies from birth. Both infants are said to be doing well.

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Images by BMJ