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23rd Oct 2022

“I’m very single”: Una Healy says you don’t need a partner to be validated

Kat O'Connor

“I’m very single at the minute”

Una Healy has admitted she isn’t desperate to find love.

The mum-of-two says she is focusing on being a parent.

She opened up about being a single mother in an interview with The Sun.

The singer explained that there are times she wishes she had a partner, but she’s actually quite happy on her own.

“I’m very single at the minute and enjoying being single.

“I don’t have anyone else to worry about other than myself and the two children.

“Sometimes people feel like they have to have another half to be validated and it’s like, no you don’t, you’ve got to learn to love yourself and be whole as a human on your own.”

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The mum said there are some days when she wishes she had a partner.

“There are nights when I go to bed and I can stretch out without anyone sharing the bed or a leg annoying me.”

“But there are nights where I’m like, ‘I would quite like an arm around me’. But I’m not desperate to meet anybody.”

The singer was previously married to sportsman Ben Foden. The former couple shares two children together, but Foden is now married to Jackie Belanoff Smith. He remarried on the day his divorce from Una Healy was finalised.