Video shows miles long night time queues as Penneys opens for 24 hours 3 months ago

Video shows miles long night time queues as Penneys opens for 24 hours

Have you been in to Penneys since they reopened?

Penneys recently announced that two of their flagship stores, Dundrum and Blanchardstowns would open for 24hours once they could reopen this week.

Needless to say a lot of people were excited to get in the door and since yesterday crowds have descended upon Penneys.

One video shared on Twitter yesterday (which you can view below) shows a huge line to get into the Dundrum branch.

Similar scenes could be seen at the Blanchardstown branch as well, with many customers eager to nab some Christmas bits.

Penneys like other non essential retail, closed it's door in October, just a few weeks before Christmas which is usually their busiest time.



Among the top items that those queueing wanted to pick up were pyjamas and underwear.

Another big item on shopping lists was children's clothing with many others just wanting to pick up Christmas gifts and decorations.

While many people were happy to queue from early in the morning to get in, others who have seen the queues have said they will wait.

Others who did get into the stores saying that they couldn't enjoy their shopping as there were throngs of people and that they left after only a few minutes.

Personally, while I'm looking forward to being able to casually browse Penneys again I'll definitely be waiting for a few days for the crowds to die down a little.

Some people who live near smaller Penneys branches have reported that there are little to no queues so they might be the ones to hit if you really need to grab bits ASAP.