"Crying on the phone": Mum reveals her son had to wait two hours for an ambulance 8 months ago

"Crying on the phone": Mum reveals her son had to wait two hours for an ambulance

"I'm just so worried"

A mum has called out the concerning wait times for an ambulance in Ireland.

She revealed her son had fallen off his electric scooter and broke his leg but had to wait for an ambulance for two hours.

She opened up about the ordeal on Liveline.

The mum Margaret said her son was 48th in the queue for an ambulance when she called emergency services.

She knew she couldn't leave her teenage son waiting so they took him to the hospital in a taxi.

Her son's injuries were too severe to wait around, the mum said.

Luckily, Margaret's son is doing well at Temple Street Hospital.


"I asked the ambulance service last night, is there anything else I can do? I was nearly crying on the phone. I jumped out of the taxi and ran in. He ran and got a wheelchair.

"When we got in, they took him off me straight away, did the x-rays and all. He's on morphine today," she shared.

Margaret said something seriously needs to be done to improve the ambulance wait times.

She told host Joe Duffy, "I'm just so worried for other people. We're in a pandemic and there's twelve ambulances in Dublin. It's scary to think."

During her time at the hospital, Margaret met another mother who was affected by the ambulance shortage.

"Another lady in there had to bring her child in choking because she couldn't get an ambulance," she revealed.

One woman on Twitter revealed she helped save a man who had suffered a heart attack.

"I helped a man on the side of the road that was having a heart attack ambulance took 90 minutes- reason given there was a crash in the port tunnel- I gave him aspirin to chew & thankfully the Mater saved his life #liveline"

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