The world's first autism-friendly amusement park is about to open 4 years ago

The world's first autism-friendly amusement park is about to open

This is pretty amazing

Amusement parks might not – up until now – have been somewhere any parent of an autistic child would ever consider paying a visit.

But that was before Sesame Place — the world's first-ever theme park to be designated as a Certified Autism Center (CAC). The US park, which is years in the making, will open its doors the end of this month in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, and is hoping to create a fun and exciting place for autistic people and their families to visit.

The park will have staff that's been fully trained in autism sensitivity and awareness, and a whole lot of Sesame Street-themed rides, parades, and shows. As well as this, guests will have access to a variety of autism-inclusive attractions and amenities, like quiet rooms, noise-cancelling headphones, low sensory areas to unwind, and low sensory parade viewing. Not to mention, the trained staff members will be available to make attendees feel comfortable and cared for.

"As the first theme park in the world to complete the training and become a CAC, Sesame Place is better equipped to offer families inclusive activities for children with autism and other special needs," Sesame Place park president Cathy Valeriano said in a statement.