Worried about what your kids are looking at on YouTube? 6 years ago

Worried about what your kids are looking at on YouTube?

Unfortunately you can’t watch your kids all the time (if only!) but it’s not practical to ban them from every potential danger in both real-life and online either.

But there is one area in which controlling what your kids are exposed to is now a little easier.

YouTube Kids has just launched in the UK and Ireland. Its aim is to help bring you and your children family-friendly videos.

Not only does it help kids to find videos on topics they are interested in (such as Dora the Explorer and Peppa Pig) but it’s a lot safer.

This child-friendly app, which is available to download for free, allows users to search for content in four categories including Shows, Music, Learning and Explore.

youtube kids
YouTube Kids has launched in the UK and Ireland.


But it’s not all about the little ones, you can impose a number of parental controls too.

As well as restricting access and being able to flag any clips that you are concerned about, you can also set a timer to limit your child’s screen time.

Speaking about the app Grey Dray, Dad of one and Head of Kids and Learning Partnerships at YouTube, said in a blog post: “It's our first step in re-imagining YouTube for families.”

While it's impossible to remove all dangers, we do think this is a step in the right direction and will help to make online browsing safer for families.