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20th Mar 2017

5 really lovely things celebrity dads have said about their wives as mums

Trine Jensen-Burke

OK, let’s be honest: A man is never hotter than either being spotted carrying a baby or when he is saying the sweetest things about his wife.

Actually; let’s refine that even more: A man is absolutely peak hot when he is gushing over his wife (or girlfriend!) as a mum. And while we like to think that all dads are doing this on a regular basis (and boys; if you are not, shame on you!), let’s just sit back and enjoy these hottie celebrity daddies talking about how strong, kind and gorgeous their baby mamas are.

1. David Beckham

Ah, the Beckhams. They are literally our real-life, living family goal…

Here is what David had to say about Victoria last Mother’s Day:

“17 years ago our brood started and these little ones have the most amazing mummy that they love so much … And I love her for many reasons but the main one is because she gave me the most amazing children…”

We’re still swooning…


(Image via David Beckham/Instagram)

2. Channing Tatum

When Channing’s wife, Jenna, gave birth to their daughter Everly, the actor couldn’t believe her strength, and in his cover story article for Vanity Fair, said, “It was crazy. You feel helpless. We like to think of ourselves as big, strong men, and we could handle whatever situation. And the reality is that women are so much stronger than we could ever be. There’s a reason why we weren’t given that job, evolutionary or whatever. My wife, she’s a warrior. She did it as natural as you can. As a man, you’re basically just a cheerleader.”

Oh, Channing, you had us at warrior…


(Image via Channing Tatum/Instagram)

3. Ashton Kutcher

When you think about Mila Kunis’ and Ashton Kutcher romance story, it’s kind of incredible: he was her first kiss, they dated other people, but somehow ended up together. That’s why his sweet sentiment about his wife and the mom to their daughter, Wyatt is so special. While on Ellen, he teared up talking about how incredible Mila is, saying: “She is the greatest mum. Like, I go to work everyday and I come home and she’s just perfect and it seems like everything went amazing with the baby.”



(Image via Ashton Kutcher/Instagram)

4. Brad Pitt

Brangelina is no more but we loved when he spoke WSJ magazine, about his wife saying, “When Angie has a day off, the first thing she does is get up and take the kids out. This is the most important ‘to do’ of the day. No matter how tired she might be, she plans outings for each and all. She has an incredible knack for inventing crazy experiences for them, something new, something fresh. I may be the bigger goof of the pair, but she invents the stage.”


5. Prince William

Fatherhood has definitely changed Prince William, who is now the proud papa to George and Charlotte. In an ITV documentary, Wills gushed about his wife: “Catherine has been doing an amazing job as a mother, and I am very proud of her.”


All together now: Nwahhhhh……