So Aldi Are Giving You The Back Yard Pool You Always Wanted 6 years ago

So Aldi Are Giving You The Back Yard Pool You Always Wanted

Okay, so the temperatures haven't been amazing so far this summer, but it is warm enough for the kids to splash around in the paddling pool. And now Aldi are offering families the opportunity to make their garden the most popular on the street with a trio of fun treats: two pools and a water slide.


The Jumbo Paddling Pool (€17.99) boasts a cup holder and cushion (that'll come in handy when the kids are gone to bed and you're enjoying your cocktails à deux) as well as water release valve and a screw valve for easy inflating and deflating. Choose from Rectangular (202 x 151 x 46/60cm) or Hexagon (202 x 202 x 46/60cm) inflated sizes.

Seriously, wait 'til the neighbours see. They'll be turning up in their droves with their togs.

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The Water Slide (also €17.99) is a 'slip 'n' slide type affair can be connected to a garden hose and has a central water channel for even sprinkling.


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It includes four pegs to attach to the ground and two inflatable Surf Riders so the kids can fling themselves towards the bouncy end at lightening speeds. If they figure it out, that is...

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All Specialbuys, these go on sale in Aldi stores nationwide on Thursday, July 28.

Don't pretend you won't be making use of both these items at the next grown-up barbecue either. Here comes the summer of fun!