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28th May 2015

Bouncers Beware: Summer brings sharp rise in bouncy castle injuries

Katie Mythen-Lynch

We recently revealed the cost of children’s birthday celebrations can tip €26,000 before they turn 21, but there could be one easy way to save money: skip the bouncy castle.

Bouncing-related accidents sky rocket during the summer months, with more than 200 people reporting to private clinics for treatment last summer alone.

This year VHI Swiftcare Clinics has already reported 23 bouncing-related breaks and sprains in the first two weeks of May, meaning we’re well on our way to beating last year’s record of 63 in one month, two thirds of which resulted in a break.

VHI figures also reveal some surprising facts about the age profile of patients with bouncy castle injuries: they range from two to 53-years-old. A whopping 57 per cent of people injured were between 11 and 21.

Legs, ankles and feet were the body parts most likely to suffer, accounting for 57 per cent of cases and girls (54 per cent) were slightly more likely to sustain a bouncy castle injury than boys (46 per cent).

Dr Brian Gaffney, Medical Director, VHI Swiftcare Clinics believes it’s worth ensuring that only one child bounces at a time.

“If this isn’t the case, then ensure that the children are the same age and size and aren’t wearing any shoes or sharp items such as belts,” he said.