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12th Mar 2018

Guilt a ‘key factor’ in how much parents spend on kids’ parties, survey shows

There's a new platform to help make planning kids' parties easier.

Anna O'Rourke

Do you find planning your child’s birthday party stressful?

If not, you might be in the minority.

A new survey of parents shows that lots of us do find organising a day for the kids overwhelming.

The average spend on a child’s birthday party is now between €350 and €400, according to the survey conducted by PartyWizz, a new kids’ party planning site.

The main reason for this hefty spend is a parent’s guilt for not spending enough time with their kids and a sense having to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, followed by a lack of time for planning and the pressure of coming up with ideas.

“Parents do not have enough time and are under pressure juggling multiple demands,” said PartyWizz founder Hamish Urquhart.

Hamish, a former magician for children’s parties, came up with the idea after years in the industry.

The platform allows parents and event organisers to book and review entertainers and pick up decorations and party bags.

It looks similar to a wedding planning app, which might feel a bit Celtic Tiger-esque but if it genuinely makes life easier, we’d be on board.

“I was hugely inspired by what was happening in the on-demand economy with the likes of Uber, Airbnb and homegrown Hassle – creating market place solutions for problems.”

Launching just in time for ‘Communion season’ (a phrase that itself sounds like something straight out of a Ross O’Carroll Kelly book), the platform is so far only available in Dublin and South Wicklow.

Would you use an app to organise entertainers and accessories for your child’s party or is it all too notions-y? Let us know in the Facebook comments or on Twitter.