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Family dynamics

24th May 2023

New study claims children who live near their grandparents are happier

Kat O'Connor

A new study has found that children who live closer to their grandparents are happier.

According to researchers, children who live closer to their grandparents have healthier relationships, especially those who care for their grandchildren.

The study found that children who have close bonds with their grandparents tend to be happier. And the same goes for grandads and nannies. Caring for their grandchildren can actually improve their mental health.

A study conducted by The Gerontologist revealed that being in close proximity to grandchildren decreased symptoms of depression in both groups. The study also revealed children felt happier when spending more quality time with their grandparents.

The team behind the study stated:

“Our findings point to the potential of grandparents to be part of intergenerational programs designed to prevent ageism.”

Not only does it make both groups happier, but living so close to one another also makes the adult children happier and a lot less stressed. This is mainly down to the financial strain childcare can have on parents. But it also strengthens their relationship with their own parents because they’re spending more time with them.


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