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16th Aug 2019

Are you a backseat driver? It could end up ruining your relationship

Olivia Hayes

Always telling your other half what to do in the car?

To be honest, sometimes it’s hard not to. Whether it’s nearly running through a red light, or going a direction that’s way off course, it can be hard not to pipe up every now and again.

However, if someone is driving you need to let them do there own thing because, as all motorists know, it can be incredibly frustrating to have someone tell you what to do when you’re behind the wheel – especially your significant other.

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Well, according to new research by Ford, if you persistently annoy them while driving, it could end up ruining your relationship.

20 percent of those asked admitted to cutting the cord with their other half because they couldn’t put up with the uncalled for directions or screeches every time they pulled to a stop.

Cosmo spoke to Jess Carbino, PhD, Bumble’s relationship expert sociologist and she said: “While backseat driving can be a very unattractive behaviour, it’s most likely that backseat driving was really just an example that in the relationship, this person may be aggressive, obtrusive, disrespectful, or selfish.”

It might be a good idea to pay attention to the playlist rather than your other half’s driving the next time you’re in the car with them…