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05th Dec 2015

WATCH: Bob Geldof’s beautiful words about Peaches’ death

Sive O'Brien

Did you catch the Late Late Show last night? What a difference a week makes – after the joy and excitement of last week’s Toy Show came a heartwrenching appearance by Sir Bob Geldof as Ryan Tubridy’s guest.

Viewers were left both in awe and with lumps in their throats as Bob Geldof spoke beautifully about the tragic death of his daughter Peaches in April 2o14.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare – we can’t even begin to imagine what he has been through, but he was candid and honest last night as he opened up about the grieving process.

“Time doesn’t heal, it accommodates,” he stated. “The pain is always there… at times where you’re in the most unlikely place, you’re at a party with friends, and suddenly this overwhelming sense comes into your head, and it’s like the subconscious has pushed itself into the foreconscious.”

Performing with The Boomtown Rats provides an escape for him, he went on to say, but that it could never erase the loss he feels.

“It doesn’t put anything in perspective, but it’s like I’ve said about other situations – I’ve been on here, and I’ve talked about it – stuff happens.”

Video via YouTube/TheLateLateShow