Weddings And Pets: Bonkers Or A Fun Memorable Day For Everyone? 6 years ago

Weddings And Pets: Bonkers Or A Fun Memorable Day For Everyone?

The ceremony of my sister-in-law's wedding in London five years ago was one of THE best I have ever attended.

Yes, the church was divine - yes, the bride and groom were totally gorgeous, the ceremony beautifully sentimental and yes, the vows were sincere and adorable.

But that isn't quite the main reason that it was so amazing and memorable for me (although that all helped!).

The main reason is because Michelle and Ken had their three bichon frise pet doggies at the ceremony, who were walked up the aisle by a family friend, in matching tuxedo collars.


I sh*t you not. They were gorgeous and extraordinarily well behaved throughout the ceremony.

My partner Alan and I are getting married this December. As parents ourselves, we are keen to have a kiddie-friendly day and make it a full-on family affair.

And with that in mind, I now wonder if we should also include our 'first child' too - our West Highland Terrier, Pearl?!

According to this recent article in the New York Times, having family pets (especially dogs) at weddings is becoming a more and more popular trend;


" can find dogs serving as the best man, ring bearer, flower girl and bridesmaid. They’re wearing signs with messages like “I loved her first,” floral wreaths, bow ties, tutus, bandannas and pearl collars."

Whatever about including toddlers and knowing that you are likely to have the 'perfectly imperfect day' due to their being unpredictable by nature - would we be out of our minds to include the dog too?



I can just see it now - Alan, myself, the kids and all our guests in our finest clobber, posing under an archway of Christmas lights and in the background, Pearl the dog pissing on somebody's leg.

One thing is for sure, it would be kind of unforgettable too, right?

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