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Baby names

05th Aug 2020

10 cute (and unisex) baby names we are obsessed with at the moment

Looking for some inspiration?

For pending parents waiting until that very first birthday (the excitement!) to find out if they’re bringing a little girl or baby boy into this world, the unisex is a life-saver; sure you’re prepared no matter what pops out!

There are many names that can work equally well for both sexes, and here is our very own little Top 10, just to get your imagination working!

1. Rowan

Rowan has Gaelic roots (a home-grown winner, in other words) and means “little red-haired one.” But it’s definitely cute enough to use for children with any/all colors of hair.

2. Quinn

If you’re a Glee fan, you probably already know this name from the character Quinn Fabray, but it can also be a fun variation of the name Quincy for a boy. Cuuute!

3. Noah/Noa

MEGA popular for boys the last few years, but equally ADORABLE for little girls!

4. Kai

Pronounced “Ky,” this Hawaiian name means “ocean,” so if you want to bring a bit of nature into your baby’s life, this is a beautiful choice. (It’s got some celebrity links too, with Donald Trump’s granddaughter carrying the name Kai Madison, which is just flipppin’ adorable if you ask us!)

5. Sawyer

The name Sawyer translates to “woodcutter” and has English origins, and it has rocketed to popularity as a girl’s name. And if you use if for boys; who can forget HOT Sawyer from Lost?!

6. Charlie

Charlie is a pet form of Charles or Charlotte, so it’s perfect for boys or girls. Rebecca Romijn and her husband Jerry O’Connell named their twin girls Charlie and Dolly. We can’t even with the cuteness of it all.

7. North

Until Kimye picked it for their own little love-bug, North was mostly a male name. But now (shocker!) it is also SKYROCKETING in popularity as a girl’s name.

8. Finley

This moniker used to be a royal Scottish name for boys, but all kinds of variations like Finn and Finnlay are also now becoming popular girls’ names. And why not? We are LOVING this particular unisex name!

9. James

Ryan Reynolds and his actress wife Blake Lively (who herself knows what a unisex name feels like!) opted for this classic moniker for their baby girl. We predict there will be many more baby girls called James in years to come!

10. Avery

Like a lot of trending names, Avery took the historical path of surname to male name to female name, but still remains a popular choice for boys as well. Love, love, love.

Would YOU consider a unisex name for your baby? Why/why not? Have you heard of other beautiful unisex names? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @HerFamilydotie.