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11th Sep 2016

10 GORGEOUS Names For Your Baby Boy We Predict Will Soon Be Topping The Charts

Trine Jensen-Burke

Are you about to welcome a little prince in the near future? Then you might just be in the market for some totally gorgeous baby boy names, no?

There is no denying there are some lovely monikers available with strong homegrown roots, but if you want to look a little further afield, these cool boy names are currently being picked by many Scandinavian parents for their little heirs.

Prepare for fall in love:

1. Felix

This name means “happy” in French, and so we can’t think of a better name for a little bundle of joy.

2. Storm

Wild and powerful, we think Storm is a great choice for your own little wild child.

3. Elias

This name is the Greek variation of the more classic Elijah, and is currently enjoying an all-time popularity high.

4. Theodor

Another Greek name, this time meaning “righteousness.” In mythology, Themis is the goddess of order and justice. We love how it can be shortened to Theo too.

5. Sander

Sander is originally a German name, and the short form of Alexander. We love how much fresher it sounds.

6. Mathias

Scandinavian name meaning Gift of God. Can also be shortened to Mat.

7. Aksel

Scandinavian moniker believed to mean “Father of peace”. Looking for the celebrity factor? Josh and Fergie Duhamel have an Axl Jack.

8. Nohr

It is aaaalmost a little like North, but (we think) even cooler.

9. Emil

In Swedish children’s literature, Astrid Lindgren (who also made up Pippi Longstocking) wrote about little blonde Emil, who was always got into trouble – and the adorable ways he got out of it again. We think the name sounds all kids of cute, which can explain the popularity of this moniker all over Scandinavia.

10. Frederik

This is a name with a long royal history. Currently one of the Danish princes carry this moniker, and numerous royalty from Russia, Germany, and the Holy Roman Empire have borne it too. A solid choice, we think.

What do YOU think, guys? Would you go for a Scandi name for your little boy? Or are you sticking with something more traditional? Join the baby name conversation with us on Twitter at @Herfamilydotie