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13th Apr 2018

10 incredibly sweet boy/girl baby names for twins

Katie Mythen-Lynch

As if it wasn’t challenging enough to pick one name for your imminent arrival, try adding another baby to the mix! 

According to HSE figures, there has been a whopping 36 per cent increase in the birth of twins in Ireland between 2004 and 2013, with the number of twin births rising steadily year-on-year.

Even with no twins in your immediate family, the chance of conceiving a double bundle of joy in a natural conception is one in 80.

Sidestep double trouble by browsing our pick of the sweetest names for boy/girl twins:

1. Aidan & Nadia: Rather sweetly, these two names are anagrams of each other.

2. Archer & Adelaide: Archer shot to popularity in 2014 but just like Adelaide, it’s a traditional choice.

3. Bryant & Hudson: These New York-inspired names are a nod to the Big Apple. Fresher than the somewhat overused ‘Brooklyn’.

4. Cosmos & Celeste: Two unique names inspired by astronomy.

5. Clara & Jasper: A vintage pair that are just as charming today as they were in the 1900s.

6. Florence & Flynn: Singer Florence Welsh is a famously musical red head, while Flynn means ‘son of a red haired man’ – perfect for a ginger duo.

7. Harlow & Harvey: These names might be trendy but they’re unusual enough to go the distance.

8. Hugo & Elodie: Two French names for your petits enfants.

9. Eleanor & Atticus: The perfect choice for bookish folk, the two are a nod to the characters of Rainbow Rowell and Harper Lee.

10. Perry & Pearl: A gender-neutral choice, Perry is a modern option for a boy. Pearl is the birthstone for the month of June.

Do you have twins amongst your brood? How did you choose their names? Let us know on Twitter @HerFamilydotie.