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Baby names

21st May 2020

10 longer baby names which all have adorable nicknames too

Trine Jensen-Burke

We all know how hard it can be to settle on the perfect name for your baby.

First of all, there are so many gorgeous names to choose from. Secondly,  there is trying to find a name that is cute enough to give your adorable little baby, but that will also be grown-up enough to see them through college and land them their dream job in the future.

Is it any wonder name-picking can lead to all sorts of heated debates and full-out family fights?

But guys, how about this: Picking a name that, when spelled out in full, is perfectly grown up and classy, but that can, when they are little and cute (and can pull off having a cutesy name) be shortened into something sweet and snappy?

Here are our best picks:


1. Alexandra

Nickname: Lexie

Alexandra is a classy moniker that will never go out of fashion, and we are loving Lexie for short. Alex is of course another options for a shortened version for your little poppet.

2. Evelyn

Nickname: Eve

Beautiful both ways, we think.

3. Victoria

Nickname: Tori

Another absolute classic that have a couple of sweet options when it comes to making it short and snappy.

4. Isabella

Nickname: Bella

We love both of these. Bella, of course, meaning “beautiful” in Spanish.

5. Lilian

Nickname: Lily

Lily is of course a popular girls’ name in its own right, but if you are looking for something slightly more serious, we think Lilian is a great first name.

6. Madeleine

Nickname: Maddie

Madeleine is a Swedish princess, for starters, which we think is a good enough reason to pick this name for your own little princess. And also; how cute is Maddie?!

7. Abigail

Nickname: Abi

Nice all around!

8. Matilda

Nickname: Tilly

We love this Australian classic, and think Tilly is too cute for words.

9. Genevieve

Nickname: Ginny

A seriously elegant choice in the full-length form, and also pretty darn cute as the shortened version.

10. Catherine

Nickname: Cat

Classic and simple.


1. Alexander

Nickname: Alex

Strong name for a grown man, while the short version actually works equally well for when they are both little and not so little anymore.

2. Alfred

Nickname: Alfie

How charming is Alfie?

3. Sebastian

Nickname: Seb

We love both versions of this name, to be honest.

4. Benjamin

Nickname: Ben

Another one that will work well for boys and men alike.

5. Edward

Nickname: Eddie

Edward? Slightly stuffy, but will no doubt look good on a a job application. Eddie? Scrumptious baby boy. Win-win.

6. Nicolas

Nickname: Nico

Nicolas is Greek and means “people of victory”, meaning it is a name serious enough for a barrister or brain surgeon when your little man is all grown up. In the meantime; Nico is so cute and cool it will be the talk of your baby-group, dare we say.

7. Andreas

Nickname: Andy

Equally good either way.

8. Oliver

Nickname: Ollie

There is a reason Oliver keep topping the most popular lists for boys. This name is an all-out classic, and is equally fitting for a strapping man as it is a little boy.

9. Theodore

Nickname: Theo

We are obsessed with the name Theo, but if you are worried about it sounding too cutesy for a grown-up man, why not pick the more “adult” version of Theodore for his birth-cert.

10 Matteo

Nickname: Matt

We are loving boy names ending in ‘o’ and ‘a’ lately, and Matteo is no exception. For short, Matt is pretty sweet too!

Did YOU think about nicknames when naming your baby? Join in the conversation on Twitter with us at @Herfamilydotie and let us know!