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Baby names

21st Jul 2020

12 short (and sharp) baby names we are more than a little obsessed with

Longer isn't always better.

Trine Jensen-Burke


Sometimes, less really is more.

Like in the case of these short, but oh-so fab baby names.

And if you are still on the fence – there are a ton of benefits to having a short name – for instance, your child will probably have less issues with mispronunciations or people needing them to spell out their name over and over again.

Another bonus? There is a lesser chance of their future friends coming up with some horrible short-version of their actual name once they reach teen-hood.

Ready to feel inspired? These are some of the coolest short names going, if you ask us:

1. Nell

For a little girl.

2. Colt

For a little boy.

3. Sage

For a little girl/unisex.

4. Luke

For a little boy.

5. Eve

For a little girl.

6. Zack

For a little boy.

7. Rae

For a little girl.

8. Rex

For a little boy.

9. Skye

For a little girl.

10. Beau

For a little boy.

11. Maude

For a little girl.

12. Wynn

For a little boy.

What are YOUR favourite short baby names, mamas? Let us know in the comments!