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Baby names

23rd Jul 2020

15 seriously trendy baby names all cool parents will approve of

Are you cool enough for these?

Trine Jensen-Burke

baby names

When it comes to picking a baby name, some parents have one chosen long before there even is a baby on the cards, while others feel like they need to wait and actually meet their baby before deciding on a name.

If you are currently on the hunt for the perfect name, whether just planning ahead for the future or actually sitting there with a baby in your arms still not knowing what to call it (just calling it ‘Baby’ starts sounding a bit strange after a couple of weeks…), then fear not.

We have rounded up a list of baby names that are not only cool enough for the next generation of little hipsters, but that are all actually really nice, meaning even non-hipsters can find one that fits the bill in here.

Are you ready? Here are 15 baby names we think are all sorts of gorgeous:

1. Lennox

2. Ziggy

3. Mabel

4. Edie

5. Scout

6. Dante

7. Lotus

8. Juniper

9. Astor

10. Holden

11. Indy

12. Mala

13. Coen

14. Knox

15. Aya

Still didn’t find The One? Fear not, parents, hop on over to our Pinterest page for A LOT more gorgeous baby name inspiration.

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