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Baby names

19th Nov 2022

15 utterly perfect names for babies born in winter

Trine Jensen-Burke

Winter is beautiful.

It’s the season of frosty mornings, cozy nights in, Christmas, snow on the ground and so much hygge.

And if you are expecting your little bundle of joy to arrive in the next few months, you might be on the hunt for the perfect name right about now. Well, how about letting the season inspire you? Luckily, there are so many gorgeous monikers inspired by this lovely season we are in – and here is a little selection:

1. Eira


This lovely-sounding name actually means ‘snow’ in Welsh.

2. Aspen


He’s bound to be into winter sports if you give him this moniker.

3. Lucia


The Italian saint was a virgin martyr who died in the 4th century. Her name means ‘Graceful Light’ and in Scandinavia, St. Lucia Day is celebrated every year on December 13th.

4. Nicholas


Named after Santa himself.

5. Neve


Neve actually means ‘snow’ in Latin.

6. Eirwen


Another Welsh name, this time meaning ‘white as snow’.

7. Elsa


Because, well, OBVIOUSLY the Queen of Ice herself.

8. Storm


Storm is a popular name overseas. It held the 90th spot in Norway in 2014.

9. Holly


Nothing screams winters and holidays more than Holly.

10. Wren


A bird’s name that also makes for the perfect choice for a winter-born baby boy, we think.

11. Ivy


The gorgeous deep green winter plant makes for the perfect baby girl moniker.

12. Aster


Aster, the unisex name, meaning ‘star’ brings to mind the infamous Star of Bethlehem.

13. Lumi


This cute Finnish name means ‘snow.’

14. Gabriel


Gabriel is the name of the archangel who delivered the news of the birth of Jesus Christmas.

15. Seren

Another name meaning ‘star’, this time the Welsh word for it.