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Baby names

07th Dec 2017

17 slightly unusual (but not too out there) names for your baby girl

Waiting for a little princess, mama?

Trine Jensen-Burke

Sugar and spice and all things nice!

Congrats on your beautiful baby girl, whether she is still wriggling away in your tummy or having already made her way earth-side.

If you are yet to decide on a name for your brand new bundle, we have rounded up some really lovely choices for you, all a little unusual – without being anything too “out there,” we think.

Here you go, 17 lovely names for your even lovelier little girl:

1. Alba

2. Aurora

3. Linnea

4. Mila

5. Alma

6. Elodie

7. Nelia

8. Maja

9. Zena

10. Nia

11. Karine

12. Leonie

13. Thea

14. Selma

15. Ember

16. Uma

17. Calla

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