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Baby names

16th Oct 2023

Brilliant baby names inspired by our favourite TV shows

Baby name inspiration can come from anywhere — even your favorite TV show. Although, it’s probably not the first place you’d think of.

Series writers, naturally, put a lot of energy into picking names with just the right amount of buzziness – a great way to find baby names is also looking through the credits after the TV show or your favourite movie .

Are you ready for some serious baby name inspiration from some of our favourite ever TV shows?

1. Carrie

Ah, Carrie… We think there will never be a show that will capture the hearts of women all over the world quite like SATC did.

2. Samantha

Feisty, fearless and fun, you can’t help but love Samantha!

3. Miranda

Smart, sarcastic and sweet, we have a total soft spot for the name Miranda.

4. Charlotte

There is definitively an inner Charlotte lurking inside us all, we think, and, more importantly, it is just a really sweet name for a baby girl.

5. Aidan

Some of us were always team ‘Big’, while others secretly hoped it would end up being Carrie and Aidan in the end. But no matter who you rooted for, we think Aidan is actually a lovely name for a little boy.

6. Harry

Charlotte married her Harry, who turned out to be everything she never knew she was looking for.

3. Serena

Were you as obsessed with Gossip Girl as we once were? In that case, there is no denying that Serena was quite the girl – with quite the name.

4. Blair

Blair Waldorf made us all sort of wish we were mega rich and lived on the Upper East Side – and look as good as she did wearing a hair band.

5. Chuck

Chuck Bass, the ultimate lady’s man.

6. Dan

Honest and down-to-earth, we couldn’t help but have a little TV crush on Dan Humphrey.

7. Jenny

Jenny was Dan’s little sister on the show (played by Taylor Momsen), and we loved her rock chic style.

8. Cohen

What Gossip Girl did for The Big Apple, The OC did for California and Orange County. And when it came to the shows ultimate dream boat, there is no denying Seth Cohen and his slightly nerdy ways was it.

9. Marissa

The role that catapulted Micha Barton into a household name, really.

10. Summer

We all wanted to be Summer!

11. Ryan

The ultimate blonde California surfery dude.

12. Lorelei

Nobody made us as happy to be fellow coffee addicts as Lorelei Gilmore.

13. Rory

Sweet, lovely Rory – the perfect name no matter if you are having a boy or a girl, really.

14. Luke

Oh how we wanted Lorelei to realize Luke was good for more than just serving coffee!

15. Dawson

What would the 90s have been without Dawson’s Creek?!

16. Pacey

Confession: We always thought Pacey was far hotter than Dawson (as did Joey Potter too, as it turned out!)

17. Joey

Joey Potter – the ultimate girl next door turns everyone’s romantic obsession.

18. Rachel

Friends will forever be one of those TV shows that you just quite never get too old for or bored of watching re-runs of. And when it came to who we most wanted to be like, Rachel and her perfect hair won – every time.

19. Monica

Clean freak, dreamy cook and just the perfect best friend, we think.

20. Phoebe

Cooky Phoebe, you just couldn’t help loving her.

21. Ross

Goofey Ross and his dinosaurs, oh how we cried when it finally became clear that he would get his Rachel.

22. Chandler

Chandler Bing. Has there ever been a TV name quite like it?!

23. Joey

How you doin’?!