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11th Dec 2019

3 baby naming trends predicted to be very popular in 2020

Keeley Ryan

Due next year?

Then, chances are, you’re looking for the perfect moniker for your little boy or girl – which, as it turns out, can be difficult enough to find.

Whatever name you pick has to be popular, but not so popular that they will be sharing the name with half of their eventual class at school.

It has to be unique, but not too unique. And, understandably, you’d want it to sound perfect with your surname.

And while there are a number of names emerging as popular baby name picks (yes, already), a baby naming expert has now weighed in on some trends to keep an eye out for in 2020.

ChannelMum’s SJ Strum told Huffington Post how there is most likely going to be three major trends emerging when it comes to baby names in 2020.

Here they are.

It’s all about the muted shades

Scarlett, Jade, Ruby, Blue – there’s been no shortage of bright, colourful names that have proven popular over the years.

However, it is looking like names inspired by more muted shades – like Sage, Peach, Violet and Ivory – will be popular next year.

“These gentle names work well with most surnames and have a dreamy quality many mums and dads love,” SJ said.

And there’s a ‘Baking Boom’ on the way

SJ is also predicting that there’s going to be a ‘Baking Boom’ on the horizon in 2020, with some scrumptious-sounding names set to climb in popularity.

“They are quirky but wholesome with a dash of cuteness stirred in,” she added.

Rye, Herbie, Honey, Ginger and Coco would be the perfect names if you’re a fan of baking – or if you’re simply looking for something a bit different.

What was old is now new again (or will be, anyways)

The final big baby naming trend for 2020 is set to see a number of vintage names from the 1920s increase in popularity.

“Finally, as a nation we’re still harking back to the past but overused Alfie and Edith no longer cut it,” SJ said.

From Majorie to Mildred, Edgar to Norman, there’s no shortage of beautiful vintage baby names out there.


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