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29th Aug 2022

Irish nametag company reveals their most requested boys and girls names

Melissa Carton

If you really want to know what are the most popular names in Ireland, go to the name experts.

By that, I mean the people who are constantly asked to personalise belongings on a regular basis.

Irish company My Nametags has recently revealed what their top ten boys and girls names are.

The nametag company said that they have seen a drop in traditional Irish rise with a steady rise in popular British and American names.

So what were the most requested names? Here they are:

1. Jack
2. James
3. Conor
4. Daniel
5. Harry
6. Adam
7. Charlie
8. Luke
9. Darragh
10. Matthew

1. Emma
2. Emily
3. Grace
4. Lucy
5. Aoife
6. Kate
7. Ella

8. Ava
9. Anna
10. Sarah

A lot of these names have been some of the top ten names for over ten years so there’s no big surprise that Emma and Jack are right at the top.

Irish name Aoife is also high on the list, which is also no surprise. Recently it was found that Aoife is the most used Irish name in the United States, so it’s not too shocking that it’s also very popular on its home turf.

What do you think? Did you choose any of these names for your child or are you a Emma, Jack or Aoife yourself?